Sunday, September 03, 2006

Question - Right of Way of Equal Size Vehicles

When two vehicles of comparatively equal mass approach each other, who has the right of way?

A) The driver who absolutely, positively, refuses to make eye contact
B) The vehicle with the louder horn
C) The driver who honks their horn just prior to impact


Anonymous mud tire punk said...

This is what happens when both don;t want to give way.. when you go so fast and then try to brake.. it's hard to control it anymore and you just steer the wheel in any direction without looking.. the tire will now screech and boom.. you collide with another vehicle

4:33 PM  
Anonymous diesel performance guy said...

Those two driver should be enrolled in a driving class again and teach them how to drive safely! Evem if they have good truck wheels and good brakes they cant stop the collision specially if they dont know how to drive properly and safely.

8:07 PM  

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