Sunday, September 03, 2006

Qustion - Newspaper Reading

Will the guy reading the newspaper look up as they pass through the intersection
A) Ha, no way
B) maybe just to throw the paper behind him

Question - Right of Way in Intersection
Who in this photo has the right of way at the intersection?
A) The pedestrian squatting in the middle of it
B) The Bus – Size Is Right
C) I Do, I Do
D) All of the Above

Question - Go your own way....

Question - Maximizing Cargo Capacity

What is wrong with the vehicle in this picture
A) No Windshield
B) No Doors or seatbelt
C) The driver is grossly underutilizing cargo space and should be appropriately punished

Question - Gas Cap Alternatives

What re acceptable alternatives to use to replace your gas gap?
A) Filthy Rags
B) Newspaper
C) Plastic Grocery Bags
D) All of the Above

Question - Does Truck Size Really Matter or is it how you use it that counts?

How small can a vehicle be and still be considered a truck?
A) As long it can carry two times the vehicles actual weight in cargo, it is a truck
B) Truck tires must be greater than 300mm

Question - Jay Biking

The bicyclist pictured here, should have:
A) Looked both ways before Jay-Biking into a crowded street and was fortunate he only rode into the path of a slow moving motorcycle
B) Just maybe should have crossed at the intersection
C) Should have saved more so he had a nice motorcycle

Question - Motorbike Airbag Requirement

Motorbikes are not required to install improvised rear impact air bags but it is strongly recommended
A) True
B) False

Question - Vehicles Carrying Recyclable Materials

What is the maximum amount of Styrofoam you can carry on a motorbike?
A) Maximum, what maximum?
B) Depends on how much string you have

Question - Pedestrin Liability for Valuable Cargo

What is the meaning of this sign:
A) Trucks carry valuable cargo, do not get in the way when they run red lights
B) Riding your bicycle head on into truck is not prudent and will result in head trauma
C) Pedestrians are liable if they cause a truck to stop abruptly and damage valuable cargo

Questions - Pedestrians with Toxic Waste Drums

You need to cross a busy street with a wagon overloaded with various forms of toxic waste stored in jugs and buckets,
A) Just cross, no one wants that stuff on their car and will do everything in their power to avoid you

Question - Right of Way of Equal Size Vehicles

When two vehicles of comparatively equal mass approach each other, who has the right of way?

A) The driver who absolutely, positively, refuses to make eye contact
B) The vehicle with the louder horn
C) The driver who honks their horn just prior to impact

Question - Crossing Busy Streets

If you are a Pedestrian and need to cross this road. Do you?
A) Use the Pedestrian Overpass 100M ahead of you
B) Avoid the pedestrian overpass because that's where beggars harass you
C) Grab a bamboo pole, run between cars, pole vault over the dividing wall and hope for the best

Question - Crowds & At Fault Resolution

What is the minimum crowd required to mill around an accident to observe the negotiation of who is at fault
A) 1 person for every ten RMB of estimated damage
B) 1 person/per minute from time of impact to time of resolution
C) All of the above but double if a truck is involved
D) (A+B)x5 if a government vehicle is involved

Question - Tiredly Driving

You are tired and driving, you see this sign, You
A) Keep Driving
B) Keep Driving your Taxi
C) keep Driving your Bus
D) Keep Driving your grossly overloaded truck with bald tires and drink another Red Bull

Question - Yucky Cargo

This Truck has right of way under all circumstances
A) True
B) False

Question - Size is Right

Who is at fault in this picture
1) The bus driver steering with his knee, reading the newspaper, and simultaneously shouting into his cell phone
B) The bicyclist, even small kids know "Size is always right"

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